Thursday, December 25, 2014

Spirits at the Best Tapas in Barcelona Makes for Good Cheer and Fun

Learning to explore the art of fine dining requires exploring as well which types of food go well with which wine variety. This probe doubles up when you’re talking about Catalan wines, of which Cava has become the name to look for when you’re looking for any tipple from Catalunya. An article in the Catalan News Agency says the region’s Greco-Roman heritage makes it a viable place to explore wine varieties – which you can kick off at a place that serves the best tapas in Barcelona like Ziryab.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Best Tapas in Barcelona Adds Surprises for your New Year Start

This is not lost among food lovers in the Principality of Catalunya. The region’s western Mediterranean location and good climate makes it a prime place for various homegrown ingredients, many of which are incorporated into any local tapas dish. If you’re looking for a great place that offers the best tapas in Barcelona that has all those attributes and more, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant like Ziryab.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Middle Eastern Hookah Finds its Way to a Barcelona Shisha Bar

Hookah or shisha smoking has been around for a millennium now, and it is still popular around the world, especially in European countries like Spain. It might have changed names as it moved westward from India, but hookah-loving people smoke it to experience the same thing: the pleasure of inhaling fragrant fumes straight from the shisha. Shisha smoking appealed to a lot of people because, unlike cigarette or tobacco smoking, it is traditionally smoked with others in a room, a gratifying form of social activity. Three to four people can smoke in a single shisha pipe. Smoking shisha is also quite popular in Spain where people spend hours relaxing and enjoying shisha smoking in a Barcelona shisha bar, such as Ziryab.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hola! The Delectable Tapas in Barcelona also have Medicinal Purposes.

For the uninitiated, tapas is the general name of a small dish with ingredients like nuts, olives and fish. Tapas are usually served while you’re standing up, but you’ll have to make yourself noticed by the kitchen staff for you to be served, and it is meant to be shared with your friends. In Barcelona alone, there are a lot of fantastic tapas bars, such as Ziryab, that you can visit. Authentic tapas, especially if you flew all the way to Spain to find the best tapas in Barcelona, is actually beneficial to your health. Nutritionists recommend eating little amounts of the food to prevent your digestive system from being overworked while giving you enough energy to face the day. The healthy servings of the ingredients can help reduce the fatty acids in the bloodstream.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Enjoy Barcelona Hookah Sessions with Friends—Minus Your Smartphone

So you’ve finished your tour of the activity-packed sprawl of Barcelona. After soaking in the sights and sounds for almost an entire day, however, you find yourself a bit tired and ready to relax. A consensus was reached among your group, and you all decided to wind down at a popular shisha bar in Barcelona like Ziryab. It’s not bad to Instagram and Tweet everything you’ve experienced while enjoying a nice, traditional hookah in Barcelona with your friends. Still, you’re missing the big point of what the gathering is all about—actual personal conversation, and not having your friends look at you for hours while you indulge yourself on your smartphone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vegetarian Tapas in Barcelona: Authentic Treats You Can Nibble On

Patatas Bravas – A popular Barcelona tapas made of fried or baked potatoes covered in a sauce made of hot pimentón, saffron, sherry vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, and sugar, Patatas Bravas (literally meaning “fierce potatoes”) originated in Madrid back in 1933, and has stayed strong since. Writing for, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt remarks that Patatas Bravas means the same to Spanish tapas bars as chicken wings do to American sports bars. It’s pretty well-known not just in Barcelona or Madrid, but all around Spain for good reason—Patatas Bravas’ simple cooking method allows for limitless experimentation, allowing for different versions at almost every city. It’s also traditionally considered a “social dish,” best eaten with friends and family at local bars.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Barcelona Shisha Bar: A Perfect Place to Unwind in the Catalan Capital

With a colourful history and evolution, this European state has now become a melting pot of cultures, which would explain why bars and restaurants like Ziryab feature distinct Middle Eastern influences. Aside from indulging in tapas infused with Arabic flavours, you can delight in an exotic Persian Empire inspired experience through the smooth, fruity flavours and scents of shisha. Take pleasure in Barcelona shisha to loosen up after a long day of touring the Catalan locale. The new experience will perfectly complete your quest for an extraordinary getaway in Spain.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indulge in Fusion Tapas in Barcelona for a Taste of Two Rich Cuisines

Contemporary takes on tapas merge culinary elements to make for more unique and interesting tastes, as you will experience with fusion tapas in Barcelona. Fusion restaurants that have distinctly Arabian elements, such as Ziryab, give the traditional appetiser a dash of Middle Eastern flavour. The result is a more savoury and more fragrant feast for the taste buds. Take for instance a luscious pan con tomate platter with a kick of Jordanian zaatar or thyme, and drizzled with the finest virgin olive oil from Palestine. The dried herb (usually mixed with sesame seeds, sumac, and salt) and the premium organic oil combined with other spices render the dish more exquisite, with a highly aromatic flavour. Sweet dates and strong-tasting Halloumi cheese, among many other Arabian ingredients and seasoning, also blend well with Catalan meats and produce. Indulge in these delectable tapas en Barcelona for a culinary experience of a lifetime!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Barcelona Hookah Bar: Experience the Great Merging of Arab and Spanish

Another strong proof of Arabian influence in Spain is the practice of smoking a hookah in the country’s key cities. Hookahs are basically water pipes (single- or multi-stemmed) used to smoke tobacco through cooled water. The tobacco or shisha is heated in the bowl at the top of the pipe, and the smoke is filtered through the water in its base. The practice of smoking hookahs has earned its share of arguments among those who enjoy them. Essentially, for some individuals, hookah isn’t Middle East in origin. Perhaps they have reason to believe that’s the case since some history records show it came from northwestern India. Whatever its origin may be, in modern-day Arab culture, the practice is meant to be enjoyed in a social setting, which is why Spanish residents and tourists alike are sure to find a Barcelona hookah bar while taking pleasure in the city’s amazing sights.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Coca Flatbread: A Popular, Pizza-like Tapas en Barcelona Delicacy

Coca’s most common toppings range from simple ones like strips of red pepper and olives, to more varied or zesty types like the Coca de Recapte (which means anything available in the cupboard is thrown into the dough). At times, canned tuna or sardines in olive oil are added to vegetable toppings. Coca is enjoyed for its seasoning variations according to the local culture, and coques (plural form) are relished in their flavorsome best during fiestas and local celebrations. Coca dough is baked in different ways. It’s often baked open and sometimes closed (folded over). It can also be sweet when enhanced by eggs and sugar, along with additional sweet toppings. Coca can also be savory; with bakers using only the best olive oil, along with topping pairs of vegetable and meat or fish. The almost inexhaustible topping variations contribute to the differences in distinctive flavors among coques baked from different Spanish regions.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Guide to Finding Good Wine to Go with Delicious Tapas in Barcelona

Summer is the peak travel season because the kids are out of school and family schedules are generally free. One of the most popular summer destinations is Spain, particularly Barcelona, because the city has something for everyone.

A trip to Barcelona is incomplete without sampling authentic Spanish food like tapas. Tapas are generally any finger food or bite-size snacks consisting of small portions of meatballs, battered squid rings, tender beef, white anchovies, and others. Delicious tapas in Barcelona typically serve as appetisers and go great with wine. However, tourists and locals alike should know which wine goes best with them, so below is a short guide.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Today, There are Better Ways to Enjoy a Plate of Tapas in Barcelona

First-timers may want to bring a tour guide or a local friend along with them, however, since ordering tapas en Barcelona is a rather different experience. For starters, tapas come in various flavors and styles, depending on the region where they come from. Catalunya takes pride in its pan con tomate: white bread that is seasoned with tomato, salt, and oil. While it is possible to eat pan con tomate as is, the dish is best served in conjunction with other tapas like patatas bravas. Aside from that, it’s typical for tapas to be eaten in crowded bars and counters whilst standing up. Based on experience, Steves also says that the best time to eat tapas is at about 9 PM, the unofficial start of nightlife in Barcelona.

Foreigners who may have eaten tapas before in some restaurant or bar in their home country shouldn’t miss out on real, authentic Spanish cuisine.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eating Tapas in Barcelona—a Fun and Healthy Dining Experience To Try

It’s also comforting to know that many Barcelona tapas restaurants strive to make their offerings healthier. Ziryab, for example, infuses traditional recipes with a Middle Eastern flair to create tasty, but guilt-free, tapas like pan con tomato and patatas brava.

As you can see, eating tapas in Barcelona is not only a great way to mingle with the locals and appreciate the area’s cuisine, it makes for healthy eating as well. As such, you can focus your attention on planning your next destination, instead of counting calories.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pimientos de Padrón: A Taste of Authentic, Awesome Tapas in Barcelona

Often cooked by frying, the Pimientos de Padrón are small green peppers, about five to seven centimeters long. They are endemic to Padrón, from the Galician region of Spain, situated 22 kilometers from the Santiago de Compostela. The peppers were first cultivated in the village of Herbon, by monks residing at the Convento Franciscano monastery. The monks were believed to have brought the peppers to Padrón from their South American colonies in the 16th century; the peppers are still being grown in the area after 400 years.

Known for their distinctively fresh and salty-sweet taste, the Pimientos de Padrón have steadily worked their way to becoming one of the most mouthwatering Tapas en Barcelona specialties, as savory as the local favorites. Aside from their load of flavors, the peppers are also stacked with nutritional value unparalleled for their small size. They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, proteins and calcium among others, while having virtually no calories.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tapas in Barcelona: Experiencing Spanish Tradition with Every Bite

Tapas are very common in many parts of Spain. As a companion food for alcohol, it has become an important staple in parties and gatherings, and in bars and restaurants where alcoholic drinks are served. While they are highly traditional foods, there is also no particular way of making tapas. As a result, restaurants often create their own variations of the dish. Tasty tapas in Barcelona, for example, can be fusions of several cuisines, made to be enjoyed by citizens and foreigners alike.

Learning more about a country’s history and culture through its food is a very fascinating experience for travelers. Sampling the different delicacies offered in a place is an adventure in its own. When in Spain, therefore, make sure you try out the tapas in Barcelona, particularly those in mixed-culture restaurants like Ziryab Fusion Wine and Tapas Bar, for a deliciously cultural experience.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploring the Possibilities: Going Beyond Regular Tapas in Barcelona

You can taste a variety of tapa fusions that are created for cheese lovers, vegetarians, and people who have sweet tooth. Additionally, these tapas are served with different alcohol choices like red and white wine, or gin, whisky, or rum, depending on your preference and on what matches well with the tapas you ordered. Restaurants like Ziryab offer fusion tapas en Barcelona characterized by a mix of Catalan flavors and the rich and spicy taste of Arabia.

By going for unique kinds of tapas, you are also exploring its vast gastronomic offerings which complete your trip and make it more memorable.